• Kanyakumari the land of three seas.

    Legends, tradition, culture and religion blend to form a brilliant potpourri that is Kanyakumari. It is Indiaâs southernmost tip where the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea join the Indian Ocean.
  • Sunrise and sunset at the same beach

    Golden beaches, emerald backwaters, lofty mountain ranges, powerful art forms... the choices are many and so are the wonders that await you in Kanyakumari. Come and take home what they call ‘memories’, the kind that makes life worth living.
  • Massive height of 133 feet

    Kanyakumari is also home to the Statue of the Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar, one of the greatest Tamil poets in India. Standing at a massive height of 133 feet, the statue is one of the biggest in the entire Asian subcontinent

The Marquee of Splendor and Sanctity

Kanyakumari derives its name from the virgin goddess Devi Kanya Kumari, believed to be the protector of the shores

who also has a temple consecrated to her.